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4 Mistakes that Sabotage your Home Organization

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

You have all the best intentions to #getorganized and #stayorganized but they often end up as just that... intentions with no execution. We thought we would help you out today with 4 mistakes to watch out for that are sabotaging your best intentions to get organized.

1) Not having a plan or system for organization

Without a plan or system for organizing your home, it can be hard to stay on top of tasks and clutter can quickly accumulate.

2) Not knowing your storage options

Not being aware of all the possible storage options available to you can make it difficult to maximize your space and keep things organized.

3) Not making use of vertical space

Wall space and shelves are often underutilized, and can be a great way of creating more storage in your home.

4) Not allowing yourself enough time to organize

Setting aside a designated amount of time each week to stay on top of organization tasks is key to keeping your home organized in the long run.

Now that your armed with some extra knowledge its time to go get your space organized. No more intentions. Now its all about execution. We want to see your before and afters. Tag us on Instagram or DM us if you're a little shy!​​​​​​​​


Don't have time to get it done yourself. We know someone that can help 😉

Remember to Get Stay and Live Organized 💖

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