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cherish your memories in a secure and organized way


Ahhh!!  Do you need help?  We can do just that.  Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day, week or months to get all those organizing projects tackled.


Here are the answers for your wonders:


-Feeling embarrassed or ashamed?  Don’t worry, we are professionals which means, no judgement, professional guidance, constant communication, and efficiency.  Now, we are light-hearted, which means we always have fun and laugh along the way, it makes the time fly and memories that last!


-We get to know our clients, because knowing you is how we develop a plan.   How do you use the space?  What do you want to use the space for?  Who uses the space?  What is the desired style?  What is the budget?  What is the time frame?   Every project and every client is unique.  


-We love being adaptable, and problem solving.  Part of the fun in the organizing world is every job has its own unique challenges, and we love winning the challenge!  “Before and After” photos are always so rewarding. We want the space to look wonderful, but also be functional and maintainable!!!  (Did you know we also offer “Stay Organized” packages in case you need a little help with the maintenance.  Our clients often call them Maintenance Packages)


-”Do I stay or do I go?”  Great question.  If you choose to work alongside us-GREAT, if you want to leave and then return to an overhauled space- GREAT.  We are happy to accommodate either scenario!  We are unique in the sense that we work as a team of 2 professional organizers.  This provides you with the most efficient services, because 4 hands are better than 2, and 4 eyes are better than 2.


-And lastly, do you wonder how amazing it would feel to get your organizing “to-do list” cleared!  The sense of relief it brings is indescribable.  As we work onp and complete projects we often hear words such as “lighter,” “relief,” “finally,” “clarity,” “breath of fresh air,” and “wow”.  We love the impact having an organized physical space can have but the impact it brings to our clients mental state is always so refreshing!  Yay for organization!



Now is the time to GET organized, STAY organized and LIVE organized, and we can’t wait to meet you.


When you are dealing with a move there is often a sense of feeling overwhelmed, either by the amount of stuff, the logistics, or the physical demand.  


Hiring a professional organizer will help alleviate the stress, and get the job completed efficiently.   


When it comes to listing your home, we are here for our clients to help them declutter, pack, and organize & stage the space so it is appealing to potential buyers.  When it comes to downsizing we help purge years of accumulated items and pack the essential items for the new home.


Then, the fun part comes in when it is time to unpack!!!  We love to unpack!!!  Now is the time to implement the right storage solutions in each and every room.  There is nothing better than opening a door or drawer to see all the contents nicely (and, might we add functionally) organized.  Starting off in a new home is exciting, but having everything perfect unpacked and organized takes the excitement to a whole new level.  Get ready for a housewarming party where you aren't dreading people seeing the piles of unpacked boxes, or the closets that look like hurricanes whipped through them! By the time we leave you will be experiencing organizational bliss!


Do you ever think there is too much clutter around you to think clearly? Trying to sit in your office and work while all the physical things around you seem chaotic.  


Working in an organized space allows for increased productivity.  At Get.Stay.Live. Organized we can help with work stations, personal offices, cubicles, at-home offices, reception areas, storage rooms, supply rooms, staff rooms, warehouses, and anything else you can think of.  


With how much time many of our clients spend at their offices, it is no doubt that they want that space to be well organized, functional and esthetically pleasing. 


We are happy to say that several of our clients initially booked us for a residential organizing job, then realized we could be of use in their work environment too!  What an honor.

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